What equipment is available for babies and children?

All our properties have high chairs and plastic cutlery available.  Maison Mielles is equipped with babies and small children in mind.

In Maison Mielles there are:

two high chairs, but we have others that can be requested.

two potties,

two loo seat reducers,

bibs, sippy cups,

plastic cutlery, bowls, plates and cups,

bath toys.

Stairgates – lascal roller gates at both the top and the bottom of the stairs.

Changing mat

Non-slip mats for in the bath

A wide range of books, toys and films


In Maison Mielles garden


A wendy house in the garden with a children’s kitchenette and various other toys

A small trampoline with a safety net, only suitable for one child at a time.


There is a large selection of children’s toys for the beach, but remember to bring them back to the house!


We leave a range of sizes of nappies available, and would ask you to replace whatever you use.


In Gîtes Lily & Poppy, we provide potties, plastic cutlery, cups, plates & bowls, high chairs, baby baths.

A wide choice of childrens toys, books and films in all properties.

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